Privacy Policy

Hostiko follows a privacy policy, which is compliant with the GDPR (the EU General Data Protection Regulation) and the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection". By accepting the Privacy Policy you acknowledge that you are fully aware of your rights and are obliged to follow the effective principles defined in this document.

General provisions

  1. The hosting provider Hostiko (hereinafter the Operator) collects and processes the personal data of the client (hereinafter the User) according to the effective Privacy Policy.
  2. The primary responsibility of the Operator is respect for rights and freedoms of the citizens during personal data processing. This principle involves respect for inviolability of private life, personal or family secrets.
  3. The Privacy Policy of the Operator (hereinafter the Policy) addresses all aspects of collecting and processing User's personal data and applies to all information provided by User on the website (hereinafter the Website) and collected by the Operator.


  • Personal data is any information that can help explicitly identify the User.
  • Personal data processing is any action or set of actions performed with personal data with or without computers. This definition encompasses collection, systematization, cataloging, recording, storage, archiving, updating or destruction, processing, transfer or providing access, depersonalisation and any other action that can be performed with personal data.
  • Automated personal data processing is processing of data provided by the User with the help of automated systems and computers.
  • Personal data information system is a system that comprises of the Users' personal data stored and processed in its databases as well as technical means and computers that process such data.
  • The Website is a set of graphic, information and text-based resources as well as software and databases accessible from the Internet on
  • The Operator is a legal entity or an individual, a government or municipal body that processes User's personal data, defines the purposes of personal data processing, manages the composition of personal data that should be processed, and defines the order of personal data processing procedures.
  • The User is any visitor of the website.

Definitions related to personal data processing

  • Personal data transfer is an action or a set of actions aimed at personal data disclosure to third party or parties.
  • Personal data distribution is an action or set of actions aimed at personal data disclosure or providing access to personal data for undefined third parties who need to familiarize with the data, publishing personal data in media, information and telecommunication networks and other actions. Personal data distribution also implies granting access to data in every other way possible.
  • Personal data depersonalization is an action or a set of actions that prevents User identification without providing additional data.
  • Personal data blocking is freezing any data processing (except the situations when data refinement is necessary).
  • Personal data destruction is an action or a set of actions aimed at unanimous and irreversible data destruction beyond possibility of recovery from information and telecommunication networks and/or physical media.

Which data is collected by the Operator?

According to our Privacy Policy, the Operator can collect and process the following personal data:

  • First, middle and last name;
  • Email;
  • Actual residential address or registration address of the User.

Besides the listed above personal data, the Website also collects and processes depersonalized User data: cookie files, data provided by Google Analytics and similar data.

All the personal data listed above is referred to as Personal Data in the following part of the Privacy Policy.

What is the purpose of collecting and processing personal data by the Operator?

  1. The main purpose of processing personal data is as follows:
    • email communicaion with the User.
    • processing of civil contracts concluded with the User (conclusion, performance and termination).
    • providing access to the services of the Website, resources and information according to the contract.
    • fulfilling the Operator's commitments to provide hosting and other services to the User.
  2. The Operator also uses User's email for information support, announcements of new products and services, special offers or discounts related to the Website.
  3. Depersonalized data collected with the help of data analytics services is used to improve usability of the Website and work of the Operator.

Is there a legal basis for personal data collection by the Operator?

The Operator has a right to process User's personal data only if the User submitted it themselves willingly using a contact form on the Website. If the User fills in the contact form and sends their data to the Operator, they consent to the processing of personal data they provided.

Depersonalized personal data provided by the User can be used by the Operator only when the User's browser has cookies and JavaScript enabled.

How does the Operator collect, process or perform other actions with personal data?

The Operator ensures safety and security of the personal data provided by the User in compliance with the effective laws of Ukraine and the GDPR regulations implemented in the EU. The Operator uses cutting-edge and robust organizational and technical measures that guarantee strong protection of the personal data stored in the Operator's databases.

The Operator is obliged to ensure safety and security of the personal data and implement all measures necessary to prevent unauthorized access to such data. Personal data transfer is forbidden except the situations when effective law compliance is required.

The User has a right to change or update their personal data if necessary. They can use the contact form on the Website.

The Operator processes the personal data provided by the User for an indefinite period of time. The User has a right to cancel further processing of their personal data. To do this the User should contact the Operator.

Final provisions

  • The User accepts this Privacy Policy by concluding a contract with the Operator.
  • In order to clarify the terms of the Privacy Policy the User can contact the Operator via email and list the main points they need to clarify.
  • This Privacy Policy is effective for an indefinite period of time, before the Operator replaces it with an updated version.
  • The Operator has a right to change the current Privacy Policy if respective changes in the laws take place.