About us

We are a young hosting provider. Modern approach to complex problems, friendly tech support and strict overselling control are the key features that make us different from industry old-timers.

We offer services based on standard Intel Xeon as well as modern and ultra-powerful Intel Core and AMD Ryzen CPUs.

We like to find solutions to the most unconventional problems of our clients and are always open to cooperation.

Location 🇺🇦 Kyiv

Our equipment is connected to an industrial backup power system.
In the event of a power outage our equipment is being feed by two independent three-phase feeders.

Industrial uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system can provide backup power for the entire data center for 1.5 hours.

A diesel generator can ensure the autonomous operation of the data center for an indefinite period of time if necessary.

The data center has uninterruptible air conditioning installed.
Modern industrial air conditioning and climate control systems maintain the stable microclimate of the facility.

The data center has fire suppression system installed as well.

Location 🇩🇪 Falkenstein

Backup power for the data center is provided by additional uninterruptible power supplies and a diesel generator.

A stable microclimate is maintained by the air conditioning system installed under the raised floor. The systems have N+2 redundancy.

Fire safety is ensured by an automatic fire detection system that notifies the fire department immediately.

The territory of the data center and its access routes are being under 24/7 surveillance. Access to the machine room is possible only via the electronic checkpoint.

Location 🇩🇪 Frankfurt

The data center is powered by 100% eco energy sources. The data center is also equipped with two transformer substations of its own and uninterruptible power sources (UPS). Equipment is also protected from voltage drops with four-level protection system.

An innovative climate control system based on natural air stream reduces electricity costs and increases the efficiency of air conditioning. A backup air conditioning system is also installed.

The territory of the data center is protected by an integrated ACS which encompasses motion detectors as well as access controls with specialized identifiers. The data center is under 24/7 surveillance which ensures maximum security.

During construction of the data center special attention was paid to fire safety. Only non-combustible or not readily flammable materials were used. The building is equipped with a smoke alarm and fire suppression system as well.

Location 🇵🇱 Warsaw

The data center has modular architecture which increases its resilience to emergencies such as natural disasters.

Ergonomic racks, energy-efficient climate control systems and components of local production increase the productivity of the servers and reduce maintenance costs.

Physical security of the servers is ensured by an anti-theft system and 24/7 surveillance. The data center is powered in such way that servers are protected from voltage drops or power outages.

In order to ensure cybersecurity only the data center administrators are allowed to work with the servers. The network traffic is constantly filtered and checked for threats.