How to choose a VPS server for beginners

Dedicated virtual VPS servers are becoming more and more widespread. First of all, this is due to the fact that they have an impressive list of advantages and quite affordable cost. VPS server for beginners is the perfect solution. We will now provide some guidance on how to choose it.

What features does a VPS have

When choosing your first server, you should familiarize yourself with some of its features. The essence of VPS is that your site or software will be hosted on a separate virtual server, which in turn is located on one physical server, where other virtual solutions are also present. They are used by other users.

The advantages of virtual dedicated servers include:

  • high performance;
  • variety of tariff plans;
  • more affordable than a physical server.

Once you have a basic knowledge of VPS, you can start choosing. Numerous factors matter. Now we will consider them in more detail.

Managed or unmanaged

Having decided to rent a VPS server, it will be completely at your disposal. Someone should be responsible for his work and performance level. If the company where you ordered the service provides such an opportunity, then the server is called managed hosting. By choosing an unmanaged server, you will be responsible for it yourself. This also applies to VPS settings. In this case, you will need:

  • configure the software;
  • make the necessary settings in the control panel;
  • Secure the server.

It should be borne in mind that maintenance and maintenance will be required. Getting started should be easy, so either take the VPS training or choose a managed virtual server. The second option is more preferable because it has many advantages. If any problems arise in the operation of the server, then the provider will deal with them. It will cost a little more, but you will save yourself from many unforeseen situations that can negatively affect the operation of the site.

Select operating system

In general, providers offer two options - "Windows" and "Linux". The second one is a little cheaper. A Linux-based virtual server is easier to understand. It will be easier to understand his work. The advantage is the support of many applications.

The choice of VPS also consists in the selection of the server configuration. This greatly affects the speed of the site. The configuration defines things like this:

  • processor power;
  • RAM and disk space;
  • performance.

When taking steps in a VPS, or rather in choosing it, it is recommended to clarify the information about which physical server hosts your virtual one. It should be powerful equipment from a trusted manufacturer. Otherwise, you may encounter malfunctions more than once. You can study the VPS manual on the website There are a lot of useful materials for users here.

What else to consider when choosing a VPS

Scalability and redundancy are important points when choosing a VPS. Redundancy refers to the reservation of resources. This is especially true for the DPC. The provider may encounter force majeure situations in which the physical server is overloaded. In this case, redundant server hardware should be present.

Scalability refers to the ability to handle increased server load. The problem is solved due to the availability of reserve resources. The provider must ensure stable and uninterrupted operation of a dedicated virtual server, its high performance. It will not be difficult to choose a VPS for beginners if you clearly understand what requirements the server must meet.

The provider must provide its customers with the opportunity to contact technical support. All requests must be responded to promptly. Technical support should work around the clock.

The cost of services is also of great importance. At the moment, providers offer customers different tariff plans. Everyone will be able to choose a VPS with a tariff that suits them the most. If you have a simple project, then the basic version will suffice. However, if the site requires large resources and high performance, then in this case you should not save on renting a VPS.