How to choose a VPS server for a large project

The most popular type of hosting for webmasters specializing in medium and large projects is a virtual dedicated server, also known as VPS. It has a number of features similar to a physical server, and costs much less than it.

How to choose a VPS server for a project with high traffic, which will provide high fault tolerance and performance? The provider is ready to offer you this opportunity.

How to choose

In order to choose the right VPS solution for your site, you need to look mainly at the following characteristics:

  • resource requirements - you should determine how many processor cores, RAM and disk space your project needs;
  • security level - choose a company that provides a high level of protection against hacking attempts;
  • server location - choose the one that is closer to your target audience to speed up the loading speed of the site;
  • level of support - check what level of technical support the company provides and how quickly the specialists respond to requests;
  • price - compare the price offered by different providers and choose the best ratio of price and quality.

This is not the only thing to be guided by: projects suitable for VPS vary, and if yours is complex enough, you must have special requirements for hard drive memory. More precisely, to the volume that they are ready to allocate for you.

Also, you should study the selected VPS recommendations. Read and research user reviews of such firms to ensure their reliability and quality of service. Users usually mention factors such as VPS performance, site loading speed - in general, everything that matters for the convenience of using the Internet site. The level of competence of technical support and the timeliness of its responses to requests are also often mentioned.

Flexibility of settings and variety of possibilities are very important. Choose a provider that provides flexible pricing plans and the ability to scale resources based on your project's needs. It is necessary that the optimization of the VPS for the features of the site is possible.

A good provider will always load test its servers to find out the limits of what is possible for specific configurations.

Why you should use Hostiko

This company has any configuration that is in demand for VPS users, with different amounts of memory (physical and operational), different channel widths. Three locations are offered: Kyiv, Warsaw (Poland) and Falkenstein (Germany). You can choose from these three options the one that is closer to your main audience. Most customers prefer Kyiv or Warsaw servers, but there is a certain demand for German ones as well.

A variety of tariffs is a separate advantage. On the site you can see a list of various tariffs and their cost. For example, if you want to create a non-commercial site, the most inexpensive hosting may suit you, but the requirements for VPS for business are much more serious. An online store, an IT services company, corporate mail - all this requires different capacities, and the server load is not the same.

Here are the main advantages of this company:

  • functionality;
  • affordable prices;
  • intuitive website design and user account;
  • large selection of additional services - one more IP address, hourly administration, BGP connection.

If you're having trouble making a choice, we'll help you find the best plan for you. To do this, you can contact technical support or a consultant on the provider's website.

Interested? Go to, choose a plan, pay and start using today. If you are going to rent hosting for several months or years, it will be more profitable than daily rent. Replenishment of the account and extension of use is very simple: the button is on the main page. You can see the status of your account in your personal account.